First Light Adventures offer trail races, training courses, guided runs and walks and wild camping in the Peak District, Derbyshire.


Our training sessions are designed with the client in mind with each session being capable of being tailored to meet the customers needs. Delivery is focused and friendly, patient and intuitive. Questions can be asked at any time without fear of upsetting the flow – we want everyone to leave feeling that they have really learned something and having gained the confidence to strike out on their own.

Small Group Size

Unless stated, training courses have a maximum of 8 places. This ensures everyone can keep up with the flow of the course and leave with the same knowledge gained.

Patient Delivery

Everyone has different learning preferences and we can adopt the delivery as required to ensure that all understand the learning outcomes.

Friendly Environment

We truly love delivering our training courses and this joy in our work and friendly delivery immediately removes any intimidation that one may face.

Fun & Professional

We all remember the fun times. Whilst we never lose sight of the professionalism required to deliver on our syllabus, a happy mind is an open, learning mind.

Our Training Courses

Navigation foundation workshops for runners and walkers

Our “Navigation foundation workshops for runners and walkers” are an immersive introduction to really get to grips with navigation using map and compass. Keeping the workshops to a shorter duration means that everyone maintains focus as we progress from the basics through to some very useful advanced tips. The course has been put together by Jamie to ensure it delivers a breadth of navigational know-how in a motivational morning of activity.

Current Dates Available:

6 May 2024

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9 Jun 2024

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Night Navigation

For people who already have a comfortable grasp of map and compass navigation, the night navigation courses serve as an engaging introduction to moving through open terrain at night with just a map and compass (plus a torch) to guide you. Using the same 4-hour duration as the Foundation course, this session takes place entirely outdoors during the darker months. This session is a must for someone who is contemplating an event that will run through the night or in poor visibility during daylight hours.

30 Aug 2024

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Wayfinder Navigation Trail Runs

Something a little different, the Wayfinder Navigation Trail Runs introduce the freedom of trail running without the fear of getting lost. You’ll learn to read and navigate from a map whilst being guided through beautiful terrain. With that in mind you will not be “flat out” running but more jogging / running in a zone 2-type pace to judge distance and pick off key points en route. Wayfinder Navigation Trail Runs give you two activities for the price of one – a lovely guided trail run of approximately 6 miles and the theory / mental engagement of referring to the map and then back to the terrain as we progress. If you have found it difficult to navigate in the past, you’ll get sufficient “light bulb” moments on these runs to leave your difficulties in the dust.

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Hill Skills Day

Want to stride out on your own but unsure of what to do next? This grand day out will give you a sizeable insight into planning your day/route. Whilst walking (consider it a mobile classroom!) we will be factoring in the weather and ground conditions and explaining how this may affect route choices. We will also discuss and demonstrate clothing and kit suggestions. Naturally, there will be navigation insight and practice as we move and this will also be complemented by walking skills drills to ensure balance and sure-footedness. Lastly, we’ll also cover hazards and emergency procedures in the hills. With the knowledge gained, you’ll be confident in sourcing your own adventures. As an added bonus we should also have covered 10 – 12 miles of lovely Peak District walking. Classrooms are rarely better than this.

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Wild weekend

Wild camping with a difference. You “build” your camp in our private woodland and get back to nature with a series of activities suitable for the family – shelter building, creating a campfire kitchen, undertaking a spot of foraging, before you cook and dine surrounded by nature. These sessions are generally offered on a bespoke basis for 2 to 4 people and can be 1 or 2 nights in duration. These weekends can be tailored for the group and we can incorporate a range of outdoor activities as requested.

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First Light Adventures offer trail races, training courses, guided runs and walks and wild camping in the Peak District, Derbyshire.

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